Sometimes at hotels you get complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Which is nice but they are all packaged in identical bottles. This can cause some confusion, sometimes your left with lotion in your hair and shampoo are your lotion. Making a slight adjustment in the shape or size of the bottle can help out a lot. Humans are lazy and just changing the words on a product doesn’t mean that it will be read.


Bang & Olufsen Beosound 5

Bang and Olufsen came out with Beosound 5 digital music system which goes for 5,377 dollars. The hi-fi system and music stored digitally. The main interface which consists of the BeoSound 5 controller – a 2.65kg table-top or wall-mounted remote that has an outstanding 10.4″ 1,024 x 768 resolution LCD display with an aluminium scroll wheel. The BeoControl 5 is a music server which can hold up 500GB music files and with internet connections. Other features includes
• MOTS (More Of The Same) intelligent playlist system
• B&O MasterLink connectivity
• IR input
• Analog line-out
• S/PDIF output
• HDMI, DVI-I, DVI-D (for the controller), YPbPr, S-Video, Composite video
• Three USB 2.0 ports
• Ethernet connectivity
Great design, Bang and Olufsen have amazing visual and HiFi products.

Cell phones that are not flip or side or just have important buttons on the outside of the phone often dial or go off unexpectedly. This can be embarrassing especially if your phone accidentally calls someone. I know on the side of my phone there is a button that if held long enough will set off my ringtone. This real obnoxious, obviously a cell phone is going to be thrown around in a purse or squished in a pocket, so why are buttons put in places that can be easily pushed? Touch screens are pretty good about locking themselves so they don’t accidently go off.

I know I have a hard time remembering which control goes to each burner. The problem is often times the burner are laid out in a square and well, the controls are not. There are various different bad way of laying out the controls, like all in a line with no indication of which would correspond to the individual burners. There is one good solution, layout the controls the same way the burners are. That way all confusion is eliminated and the controls don’t have to have any extra symbols explaining which burner it’s for.

A cars gas tank can be positioned on the right or left side of the car, sometimes even the back. Many people have trouble remembering what side the gas tank is actually on, especially if they drive more than one car. So you spend that extra time at the gas station checking your mirror, trying to find the gas tank. Why isn’t there anything on the inside of the car that indicates what side the gas tank is on? It could be as simple as a arrow right next to the gas button. That would eliminate the time you spend fussing around at the gas station. Definitely a common problem that could be easily fixed.

This is actually interesting. Wendy’s napkin dispensers are made to be hard to use. It is incredibly hard to pull out a bunch of napkins at the same time. Which I get, they are trying to cut back on wastefulness because people tend to grab at least 20 more napkins than they actually need. This also saves Wendy’s the extra cost of all those wasted napkins. But this new design is hard to even get one out. More often than not the napkin will rip before your able to get it all out. So nice try Wendy’s but try to find a happy medium.

Nook Ebook Reader

The current market is flooded with lots of ebook readers.  Now Kindle 2 goes international reducing the price. Barnes and Noble helped us a lot: They cleared all confusions  by unveiling a clear winner and making eBook Readers worth buying. With Nook one can access over one million eBooks, eNewspapers, and eMagazines in two different ways: WiFi and 3G. This device is sharing friendly. You can lend books to friends for 14 days. This is something unique for ebook reader platform something that makes it almost the same as a paperback which is cool. This is the first fully-capable eBook reader that uses Android OS. We all know, android holds the key to future of Open Source mobiles, now they are applying it to an ebook.